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"Whatever you imagine, we can build it in LEGO bricks"


I specialize in building medium to large sculptures using thousands of basic LEGO bricks. My focus was on popular video gaming characters in the past but now that I am becoming more established it's time to broaden my scope.

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Original works are the best as they reflect a unique vision by means of LEGO bricks and are open for wide interpretation by the audience. For example, the awe-inspiring MBG Man effortlessly catches visitors' attention in the company's lobby.

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You may hire me to make you a custom piece of art in LEGO provided the project is interesting and we can agree on a fair price. My name is Dirk Van Haesbroeck, I am located near Antwerp (Belgium). This is my creative outlet and after hours job.

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"We as a company have always held art in high consideration. So why not commission a piece when we have an in-house artist ?Patrick VERSWIJVEL - UNVEILING SPEECH - ANT, Belgium

"What's not to love about Dirk Van Haesbroeck's giant symmetrical LEGO sculpture of everyone's favorite plumber ? The Belgian builder modeled Mario, from Nintendo's video game franchise starring the dungaree-wearing Italian, at a staggering fifty-nine inches tall." Sarah Herman - author of Extreme Bricks: Spectacular, Record-Breaking and Astounding LEGO Projects - VN, Canada

"The detail here at the top of the foam is really keen. That is very impressive, it is all in the details."Nathan SAWAYA - national television interview - NY